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Spin-offs (Request for Enhancement)

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Posted by Dennis Kowallek on November 15, 2000 at 14:22:53:


I spent over an hour this morning entering everything I needed in Fund Manager
for the recent Lucent/Avaya spin-off. (This is at least the 2nd spin-off I gone
thru this year.)

The Lucent part was relatively easy, but the Avaya piece was tricky. Since
multiple (3) purchases and a redemption of LU were involved, I ended up
having to mirror these 4 transactions on the AV side.

The LU side looked something like...

buy 7.2 LU
buy 7.2 LU
sell .4 LU
buy 36 LU

The AV side ended up looking like...

buy .6 AV
buy .6 AV
sell .1 AV
buy 3 AV
sell .1 AV (this corresponds to the cash received in lieue of fract. share)

Isn't there any way to mechanize this in Fund Manager?

Typically, the info I receive is as follows (I'll use the LU/AV) example...

you get 1 share of AV for every 12 LU
your new LU basis is .95 times your old LU basis
your new AV basis is .05 times your old LU basis
you received $2.59 for the .1 share of AV we sold for you

Isn't this enough for Fund Manager to work with?



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