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question re: porfolio performance report

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Posted by jeffrey on November 08, 2000 at 09:46:08:

i am trying to figure out (this seems to be another version of a problem that i have with reports in fund manager)what my yield has been, across all money invested (i hesitate to use the word investment, since it seems that "investment" does not have consistent meaning in the report descriptions-- sometimes it seems to refer to stocks which may be invested in giving yield reports on stock prices, sometimes to stocks that have been invested in and giving yield reports on money invested in that stock. that makes it hard to know just what the meaning of the report is, in spite of having the formulae). are there only a few people that have trouble understanding exactly what the reports are reporting on? or might it make sense to rewrite the report descriptions to clarify the issue?

this time the problem arises in the 'portfolio performance report'. yields are set to roi. i invested in stock A (which came into existance less than 5 years ago) within the last 6 months. yield for the last 12 months is -62% (no laughing!), yield for 3 years is also -62% (so far that makes sense), yield for 5 years is N.A.. that doesn't make sense. even if the stock didn't exist 5 years ago, it seems that current yield number shouldn't change between 1,3, and five years if the stock was purchased within the last year. there other examples of this behavior within the porfolio. therefore, i can't believe the total portfolio yield number, since several of the stocks aren't included and i now wonder if the report is referring to money invested or stock prices, or something else.

very long. sorry. what do you think.

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