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Australian Franking Credits

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Posted by Brian on November 01, 2000 at 20:05:47:


You have developed an excellent program. One of the best and easiest to use that I've seen.

Have you ever considered adding the functionality to handle tax credits on distributions (in Oz we call these Franking Credits or Imputed Tax Credits) resulting from the tax paid already by the company issuing the distribution? Are you aware of our local situation regards distributions and the need to track (for income tax purposes) any franking credits which come with distribution? Entering the distribution with tax credits included (effectively giving a pre-tax return) does not work if the distribution is reinvested as the price of the reinvested shares or units will not be right as the number is based on the franked (after tax paid) amount.

I have not found a way to track these within the program other than noting the amount of the Franking Credit in the Memo field. If an additional field could be added "tax credit", then you would be able to report these, and also the have the option of doing the yield calculations and investment returns either with or without the inclusion of the tax credits.

Now, I would have to separately record all the dividends and franking credits (say in a spreadsheet) for tax reporting. Seems a shame not to be able to use FM to record all the details of the distribution.

I know your local situation is different to ours, but have asked this as it seems there are more and more people from around the world looking to use your program. Hoping for your support to include this.

Thanks again for a great program.


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