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questionable yield numbers

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Posted by jeffrey on November 01, 2000 at 11:30:23:

here is the story:

same fund in 3 accts. A,B and C. fund A was liqidated on 8/28/00. when i run a ROI yield report on the three funds B and C show 3m yield of (36%), 6m of (17.32) and 1yr of 51%, fund A shows 506%, (58) and 121.35.

or, when running portfolio performance report for 1/3/98-11/1/00: fund A shows 86%, B and C show 54%
if i restrict the dates to 1/3/98 - 8/28/00 (date fund A was liquidated) yields are all similar. the further away from 8/28 towards the present the more different the yields become.

seems roi yield or portfolio performance should be restricted to the times invested, unlike 'investment performance' which is independant of buy and sell times. (investment performance report gives same yield info for all 3 funds).

explanation for what is happening here. i hope my description wasn't too confusing.

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