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autoback and directory to save

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Posted by L Larson on October 31, 2000 at 09:03:42:

Well after using 4.0 for some time, I now would like to save to a common directory. I too get the error window onclosing but to a manual backup to my zip drive regularly.
anyhoo, read earlier post on looking at options then "create a custom
report with the "Path" field to see a listing of all the paths for your
investments in this problem portfolio. Your investments should be located
somewhere else besides the autobackup directory. Close any that are open
from this autoback directory, and open them from the regular location."
as you suggested to ROland on Oct 19.
I dont have the foggiest what the path deal is, there is no such option anywhere
tho in the past I have dealt with paths in DOS.
anyway- HOW do I move the 24 or so investments, even manually, to another directory AND have FM recognize that they are THERE?


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