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Posted by John Lea on October 21, 2000 at 04:28:31:

I have one foot in Quicken and one in Fund Manager. I updated prices in both. I noticed a discrepancy in value that I traced to FM's price update. Of course Quicken goes not allow any user intervention and I appreciate the options in FM. I attribute the problems somehow to pilot error.

I was using multiple updates. (Yahoo) Did it Friday night and again Saturday am since I thought that the problem could have been one of source update timing. I ended up with Thursaday close repeated as a Saturday price with Friday matching Quicken. In addition, I had two money markets with price of 5.94 & 6.24 (I wish). I deleted the Saturday prices and sadly edited the MM price.

Anyway, I seem to have access to all the update source options. What is the easiest? Daily with Yahoo? Lagging with Yahoo Historical? Suggestions please.

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