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Yahoo UK - Further thoughts

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Posted by Michael Burgess on October 11, 2000 at 18:08:51:

Dear Mark

Sorry to return to Yahoo UK again but there appears to be a further problem with shares that have not traded during the day.

As discussed before the update module is picking up the date the share last traded and the closing price on that day. It then updates the price for that day (rather than the current day) but with the adverse side effect that it also erases the previously recorded volume figures.

Unfortunately, Yahoo has now started throwing up spurious figures for the “Last trade” price on shares that have not traded during the day. Examples for 11 October are:
Haynes Publishing (HYNS.L) Yahoo price 3000p Last close 150p
Limit (LIM.L) Yahoo price 150,000p Last close 138.5p
Wickes (WKS.L) Yahoo price 18,000p Last close 492.5p

As you can imagine this completely destroys any chart.

Yahoo aside, I can’t help thinking it would be better, if you can do it, to return to the previous method of reporting the last closing price against the current date for shares that haven’t traded. I can also confirm that this is how the Financial Times handles such shares.

Could you possibly have another look at the module and see if it would be possible to revert back to the previous system?



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