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Re: Fractional shares at split.

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Posted by Mark on October 11, 2000 at 08:01:41:

In Reply to: Fractional shares at split. posted by John on October 10, 2000 at 11:25:48:

: I read you August post on entering a sell of fractional shares paid in cash by brokerage at split. In my case the split was 4 for 3. FM properly recorded that I had 11 shares to start but now had 14.667. When I enter the sell of .667 shares in FM along with the funds paid me by the brokerage - $38.66 FM adjusts the price to balance my two entries. BUT. FM then shows that I now own 13.777 shares of the stock instead of 14. What is happening? Thanks.

Hi John,
It sounds like you have recorded the sell of .667 shares for an earlier
date than the split. The .667 shares is a post split number of shares,
so you should enter it on or after the split date. If the shares were
really sold before the split date, you should use the pre-split number of
shares (0.5).

Mark Beiley

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