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Re: import not affecting cash account

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Posted by Mark Lee on September 08, 2000 at 07:37:45:

In Reply to: import not affecting cash account posted by Mark Lee on September 07, 2000 at 11:24:00:

: Mark,
: I am trying to import 3 years worth of stock transactions. I have set up a default cash account under preferences. I then do an import of transaction data. Everything works great, except the cash account does not reflect any of the transactions. If I manually enter each transaction, the correct redemption or purchase is made to cash. What's going on. Do I need to do each transaction manually? That may take a while and be prone to error.
: Please help.
: Mark Lee

I am responding to my own post...
I read through the archives and learned that Fund Manager does not do what I want it to. It is a good thing since it would probably not do what I wanted it to if it was automated. There are too many assumptions to be made to design this feature and make it practical.

My solution was simple... collect all my cash account transactions and make one file (cash_b.dat, cash_l.dat, etc) for each account in a spreadsheet. I already had this data in the computer, and it was simple to export a csv file. I then did a file/import/transactions/generic to import the data just like my stock transactions. I did this with "" selected for my default cash account. After loading in these historical transactions, I then my selected the cash account that I use most often as my default cash account. From now on, each stock transaction I enter manually will automatically be reflected in my cash account. Nice feature.

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