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Posted by Mark on August 30, 2000 at 08:06:16:

In Reply to: INTENG4X.DLL posted by Jeremy Turner on August 29, 2000 at 12:58:13:

: Mark:

: I notice that inteng4xdll is updated fairly often. What is the purpose of this file and is there a downside of not updating to the latest version if Fund Manager is working fine?

: Jeremy

Hi Jeremy,
This DLL contains the functionality for all the internet retrieve features,
such as retrieving quotes and sending internet pages. Usually this
DLL is updated in response to a quote server changing the format that it
supplies the prices. If you are using a different quote server, then there
is no need to update, but it also doesn't hurt anything. Using "Help/
Fund Manager on the Web/Check for Updates..." will display what version
of the DLL you need for each server. You can use this to determine if you
should get the new DLL. If you don't want to bother, you can just always
get the latest and not worry about it. This same command will prompt you
to update to the new DLL if one is available.

Mark Beiley

Fund Manager for Windows 3.1x/95/98/NT

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