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401(k) company match with loaded mutual fund

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Posted by Pat on August 22, 2000 at 13:50:07:

Hi -

All of the mutual funds in our 401(k) plan are front end loaded.

I set each investment type as a loaded mutual fund with 3.5% load.

When I enter my personal contribution, I use the Percentage Load transaction type. I enter Value, Number of Shares, and % Load. FM calculates purchase price, actual price, and commission.

When I want to enter the company's matching contribution, I switch to Commission Fees transaction type. I enter value, # of shares. FM calculates Price (purchase price). Now there are two different prices on the same day. So far, FM has been showing the Actual Price as the closing value on any day that a purchase was made. Will this always be the case?

If I run a report, my personal Out Of Pocket Invested, End NAV, End Shares are all correct. I was hoping that Commision Fees would represent the amount of my company's matching contribution, but of course this value is the company's match minus the front end load of each transaction. Is there any to display or enter data so that I can see the front end loads and the company's matching as separate values?

Thanks for any ideas.


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