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Re: "invisible" data files (*.dat, *.mm4)

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Posted by John on August 17, 2000 at 07:29:45:

In Reply to: "invisible" data files (*.dat, *.mm4) posted by John on August 16, 2000 at 15:42:46:

About an hour after I posted the original I was fumbling about - I went to the 'open portfolio' and backed up through the directory tree structure to the c: drive and descended again to c:\finance\my_data - and voila !!! there they were. All is right with the world now. j.a.

: Mark, Recently had to re-install FM4.7 on WIN98. I had saved all my data (*.dat and *.mm4) on a backup tape. The last time I downloaded FM47 I kept a copy in a backup file - which I also back up to tape.
: When I restored my system I went to START,RUN,C:\BACKUP\FUNDMN47.EXE. That worked well - entered registration data -ok. BUT, FM doesn't see the array of *.dat and *.mm4 files in C:\FINANCE\MY_DATA.
: I've tried it both ways - put the data in place both before and after installing FM47 - no difference.
: Saw your recent exchange with Mark Buczewski (7/25/00) so I downloaded a fresh copy of FM47 and installed it over what I already have plus the data files. The data is still 'Invisible'. Is there some step I am missing????
: Thanks, John A.

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