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Re: Selling Shares

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Posted by Mark on August 10, 2000 at 20:58:36:

In Reply to: Selling Shares posted by Jim Pollock on August 09, 2000 at 19:34:20:

: Ibought shares of CMH for $507.00.
: I sold the shares for $318.82.
: Thus the loss was $188.18.
: In the Portfolio Performance Report, I don't understand why
: the "Invested" column shows a positive amount of $188.18 after I have removed the shares from the portfolio.
: A negative number in the "Gain" column of -$188.18 I can understand.
: Any help in explaining this would be appreciated.
: Thanks

The "Invested" column is the amount of net cash flow into/out of the
investment. Since you had a positive cash flow (507 - 318) this
is shown as the invested amount. You can choose "Help/Help on Report..."
from within any report for specifics on how each column is calculated.

Mark Beiley

Fund Manager for Windows 3.1x/95/98/NT

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