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Problem with Distributions?

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Posted by Todd on July 12, 2000 at 00:21:51:


I'm having a problem getting my share totals to match with the statement. This seems to be related to the way reinvested distributions are handled. For example, when I enter a dividend for 3/26/00, I enter the date (Which pulls up the historical quote), the div over to shares and this calculates the #shares. But when I click ok...the Historical quote is changed and does not reflect the true share price for that day? This compounds when a ST and LT gain are entered for the same date.

In the end...I end up being over by about 0.004 shares. ie: I actually own 48.166 shares, but the program says I own 48.170.

What am I doing wrong?? I'm a bit perplexed

Thanks for any insight,

Todd S

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