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Re: Custom Report Date Range Bug

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Posted by Mark on July 07, 2000 at 14:18:35:

In Reply to: Custom Report Date Range Bug posted by Clive on July 07, 2000 at 12:48:37:

: Hi Mark,
: I can across a bug with a custom report I setup. The intent is to compare one day's fund values with the previous day's values. I have a memorized 7 day comparison report using Beg Value, End Value, Gain (btw) & %Gain (btw) which works correctly. If I modify this report to use date range settings 1 day apart (example July 5 and July 6) the report generates incorrect values for these dates. It actually generates a report for July 4 and July 6, a 2 day comparison. However, If I create and memorize a separate 1 day comparison report, it displays correctly. Seemingly, the bug occurs only when I use the memorized 7 day report and modify the date to a 1 day report.
: Regards,
: Clive

Hi Clive,
This is not a bug, this is due to the way values are reported
for the beginning values in all reports. As an example, if you have
a report that includes Beg Value and the start report date is 7/6/00,
this means that the value of your investments at the start of the day
on 7/6/00 will be shown. This starting value on 7/6/00 is the same
as the closing value on 7/5/00. This is not the same as the closing
value on 7/6/00. Reports work this way so that gains on the starting
report date are included.

I suspect it was working out that your 1 week report was starting
on a date where the value was not changing, like over a weekend.


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