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Re: Individual charts not showing previous data

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Posted by Mark on July 06, 2000 at 20:46:43:

In Reply to: Individual charts not showing previous data posted by Sam Lasley on July 06, 2000 at 19:44:24:

: After considerable time I was able to get individual price charts, but they look a lot different than the previous ones and when I put the arrow on a specific spot they no longer identify the date and price. While I can live with these less effective charts there is another strange occurence. I no longer open the portfolio when I open Fund Manager it is just open already to my new graphs. Strange huh?? I don't know what happened and I don't know how to fix it. There is so much new and different in this 4+ version that I am overwhelmed at the new procedures and data, most of which I don't need. I have tried the tutorial but it didn't help much. If you can explain it to me in fairly simple terms so I can get back what I had I would appreciate it.

Hi Sam,
To view graphs just select "Window/Main" from the menu. You will
then be viewing the "Main" window, which contains the graphs. Then, select
the graph type that you want to view under the "Graphs" menu.

FM4 added a new feature that allows you to automatically open your
last portfolio at startup. If you don't want that, you can turn it off
under "Options/Preferences.../Data/Open Last Portfolio At Startup".

The cursor snap mode can be turned on/off under "Graphs/Options/Cursor

As you spend time with FM 4.x I hope you'll agree it offers many improvements
over prior versions.

Mark Beiley

Fund Manager for Windows 3.1x/95/98/NT

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