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Data entry and aggregation for multiple accounts

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Posted by Ross Stone on June 02, 2000 at 19:56:20:

June 2, 2000

Mark -

I've entered a fair amount of data, but I'm only just started. I think
I need some guidance on how best to set up the data to get the program to do
what I need. I have multiple brokerage accounts (8-10), each of which typically
contains a money-market fund of some kind, along with as many as five mutual
funds (these are IRAs, Keoghs, regular accounts, and family trust accounts).
Many of the accounts contain many of the same funds. I'm treating each account
as a portfolio. Since the number of shares, the investments, and the purchases
for the same fund held in different accounts differs, I've been entering each
fund in each account as a separate investment. I can then aggregate the
investments from two or more accounts into "super-portfolios," in order to get
an idea of how a group of accounts is doing overall. However, one of the key
things I want to be able to do is to track and adjust asset allocation across
groups of accounts. For that, I need to have two things happen. First, when I
create a super-portfolio containing A's Fidelity Contrafund, B's Fidelity
Contrafund, and C's Fidelity Contrafund (where A, B, and C are each separate
accounts), I would like to have the total Fidelity Contrafund holdings shown,
rather than each investment being separated (e.g., in a pie chart of the
super-portfolio holdings). Second, I had to define assest types (financials,
technology, utlities, consumer cyclicals, etc.) for each investment when I
first put it in (e.g., the first occurrence of Fidelity Contrafund). I'm now
having to re-enter all of those types (and then, the actual allocation) for
each new occurrence of that investment. That's a HUGE amount of duplicate data
entry. Furthermore, since each occurrence of Fidelity Contrafund is treated as
a separate investment, I'm not sure if I'll get the aggregation of asset
allocation when I look at one of these super-portfolios. Is there a better way
to do this? If not, can you recommend a piece of software that will let me
accomplish what I want, hopefully with less duplicate data entry?

I do like Fund Manager and I think it is a very nicely done package
(and I did just send in the registration fee). Thanks for your help, and take


W. Ross Stone, PhD

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