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Minor Problem and a Suggestion

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Posted by balaji ramanathan on April 28, 2000 at 12:12:59:

Hi Mark,
I usually update prices on my investments once a week on
Fridays after market close. April 21st was a holiday, so when
I updated prices, some of my investments got updated with a price
from thursday, April 20th. When I tried to go into Edit/Prices
and correct the date from 20th to 21st, I see that the date
field is not editable. Is there any way to correct this problem
other than by reentering the same price data manually for the 21st
and then deleting the price data for the 20th? BTW, the date
comes in as 20th when I did an internet price retrieve. I did the
update only on the 21st, but FM seems to insert the date associated
with the last available price in the date column.

Also, when I pay margin interest, I put it in as negative
dividends/interest mainly because the distribution screen does not
have a category called margin interest. I think it may be a useful
addition though I can manage without it right now. Maybe you can
look into this for your next release.


Balaji Ramanathan

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