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Posted by Kim on April 09, 2000 at 01:26:33:

Hi Mark.

Here's one I can't figure out...

I have a cash and stocks (mixed) portfolio. I transferred certain cash accounts from one bank to another. I had the original accounts entered as investment files. So I created new investment files for the new bank accounts, closed the investment files for the old bank (thereby removing this data from the portfolio), and showed a "buy" of matching amounts in the new bank investment files. Now while the bottom line is right, my cost/value graph shows an increase in my cost base because no "sell" from the old files exist. In other words,it looks like I injected extra cash to the tune of the transferred amounts, and throws the cost/value spread out of balance, whereas the costs base has actually not changed at all.

I know I can keep the old bank files in the portfolio, showing the transfers as a "sell" in them matching the "buy" in the new files, but that means keeping - in this case - 4 zero balance files in my portfolio, eating up precious desktop space.

Is there a way to enter the data so that my cost base remains the same without the old files remaining open? For instance, should I have just renamed the old investment files from "bank 1" to "bank 2"? If so, that would leave the historical data of bank 1's file mixed in with the new stuff for bank 2, such as interest payments, service charges, etc., wouldn't it?

Thanks in advance, and as always your help is very much appreciated.


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