Report Headers


This dialog is available from the Options / Report Headers... menu command from within any report window.  This feature is only available in the Advisor version.


Select the desired report type you wish to modify form the "Report Type" combo box.  Each report type has a "Default Title" and "Sub-Title" text you can modify.  The "Default Title" is only the default when creating a new report of this type.  Each report can be assigned its own title in the Report Settings Dialog.  The "Sub-Title" text is displayed beneath the "Title" text, and can be multiple lines long.


Enter any text you want displayed, and optionally make use of the available data fields.  Data fields are displayed in double square brackets, and will be replaced with the appropriate data value when actually displayed on the report's header.  A wide variety of data fields are available, and can be inserted by pressing the Insert Field... buttons.


The "Reset Default" buttons will reset the original default text for the selected report type.

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