Report Column Labels


This dialog is available from the Options / Report Column Labels... menu command from within any report window.  This feature is only available in the Advisor version.


Select the desired report type you wish to modify form the "Report Type" combo box.  The "Column Labels" list box displays both the original default label for each column in this report type, and the "Actual" label.  You can edit the "Actual" label by entering the desired value in the "Actual Label" edit box.


The "Reset All Defaults" button will reset all of the "Actual" labels for all report types to their original default values.


Executive Summary specific notes:

When specifying the column labels for the executive summary report, anything in double square brackets will be included only when accrued interest is being displayed.  The double square brackets themselves will be omitted.  To split the label onto 2 lines, use "<cr>" in the label string.

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