Using Quote Servers


The internet price retrieval feature in Fund Manager relies on price information being supplied from free quote servers on the internet.  Fund Manager can retrieve prices from many different quote servers.  (Use the Internet Settings Dialog to choose default quote servers.  If necessary, you can override the quote server assignment on a per-investment basis under Investment Properties... / Internet Retrieve)  Occasionally these quote servers may be unavailable for short periods of time.  In this case, trying back later may solve the problem.


Another possible problem is that the symbols in the currently opened investments are not available on the selected quote server, or the symbols are specified incorrectly.  The symbols can be adjusted with Investment Properties - General Dialog.  Check for the correct symbol by looking it up on the site with a browser.  For links to each quote server and more specifics on using each of the quote servers, visit the internet retrieve documentation on the web at:

Occasionally there will be updates available to Fund Manager's "Quote Module".  To check for a newer module use the menu command Help / Fund Manager on the Web / Check for Updates….


After an unsuccessful internet retrieve you will be given the chance to view this page of the online help as well as request the latest status on the quote servers from the Fund Manager home page.  This status check uses an internet connection to retrieve the latest status on each quote server, as updated by Beiley Software.  This status check will also check to see if a newer version of the quote module is available, and if so will ask if you would like to download it.  The download is automatic and will update the functionality of Fund Manager's internet retrieve.

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