Internet Settings Dialog


This dialog is available from the Options / Internet Settings... menu command.


This dialog adjusts the options for retrieving prices from the internet. This dialog allows you to adjust the following:


Price Update Options:

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Default Quote Server

The default server from which Fund Manager will request pricing information.  There is also a button "Retrieve Server Status Now", which will retrieve the current status of all quote servers. This will retrieve a document from the Fund Manager web site, which is updated by Beiley Software to document the current status of each supported quote server. If a quote server stops working for any reason, this will be documented here, with a status on the situation. The default quote server preference is memorized in portfolios. The default quote server can be overridden on an investment basis.  See the Investment Property - Internet Retrieve Dialog.  The toolbar button to use this quote server is: .

Default Historical Quote Server

The default server when using the "Historical" price retrieve commands.  This server works the same as the primary default quote server, but it is often useful to have a 2nd default quote server defined and available.  This server is titled the 'historical' quote server, but it can be assigned to any quote server you want, and works identically to the primary default quote server.  The toolbar button to use this quote server is: .

Automatic Retrieve

When this option is turned on Fund Manager will automatically retrieve prices as specified under the Frequency... options.  Fund Manager needs to be left open and running for the retrieve to occur.  Retrieve related informational or error notifications requiring user interaction are suppressed for automatically initiated retrieves.  This option is memorized in portfolios.  (Fund Manager utilizes free quote servers on the internet for retrieving prices.  To be considerate of these server's bandwidth please do not set this value lower than necessary.  This will help ensure these servers remain available and free.)  For other options to automate price retrieval see command line options.

New Investment Defaults...

Opens a new dialog where you can specify the default internet retrieve settings for newly created investments.  The settings can be specified for each investment type.  Whenever a new investment is created, these settings will be used to initialize that investment's internet retrieve settings.  You can also use the Apply Settings to Existing Investments button to apply these same settings to all existing investments in a sub-portfolio you select.

Advanced Options...

Opens a new dialog where advanced options related to price retrieval can be set.  These include:

Warning Level on Retrieve Failure:  Control how verbose Fund Manager will be when issuing warnings about price retrieve failures.  These warnings are in a message box after the price retrieve completes.  Warnings about failed price retrievals are only issued when you initiate a price retrieve using the toolbar or menu command (not automatic retrievals).  A detailed price retrieve log is also available from the menu command Help / Logs / Price Retrieve....  The following warning levels are available:

No Warnings:  No warnings will be issued no matter how many failures occur
Whole Server:  Display a warning if all the quotes requested from a particular server fail
Symbol:  Display a warning if any requested symbol fails to update.  This is the default setting.

Bypass any Proxy Server:  Turn this option on to ignore the proxy server settings specified in Windows, and always access the net directly.  Normally this option should be left un-checked so that your connection settings in Windows are used.

Persistent Request n Times:  When this option is turned on Fund Manager will repeat its request for prices from the server upon any server error.  The number of times to repeat the request can be adjusted here also.

Enable Detailed Communication Log:  When this option is turned on Fund Manager will log detailed communications between Fund Manager and each of the quote servers used in a given price retrieve.  Use the View... button to open this log file.

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