Retrieving Prices


Fund Manager can retrieve and update the prices for your investments from the internet.  Retrieving prices is a separate command from retrieving transactions. To retrieve transactions see Retrieving Transactions.


See our Video Tutorial on Retrieving Prices in Fund Manager.


To retrieve prices for all open investments use the Edit / Internet Retrieve / Prices or Historical Prices menu commands from within any window.  You can also press the or buttons on the toolbar for current and historical prices, respectively.


To retrieve prices for only select investments, use the Retrieve Selected (Historical) Prices commands from the right mouse popup menu.  These menu commands will be available when right mouse clicking on one or more investments in any of the windows.


You can also use Command Line Options to initiate a price retrieve.  This is especially handy for automating un-attended retrievals.


The internet price retrieve settings are controlled in the Internet Settings Dialog.


A detailed price retrieve log is available after a price retrieve from the menu command Help / Logs / Price Retrieve....


Fund Manager supports a certain list of quote servers that it can retrieve prices from.  Over time the list of supported quote servers may change. All of the price internet retrieve functionality in Fund Manager is contained in a "Quote Module". Fund Manager offers the ability to automatically download new versions of this module whenever they become available. To find out if a new version of this module is available, choose the Help / Fund Manager on the Web / Check for Updates… menu command. The latest status will be displayed, and if a new version of the module is available it will be offered for download. To verify which version of the Quote Module you are currently using see Help / About.... For more help on this topic see Using Quote Servers.


During the retrieve operation the status dialog box will display the following information:


Comm. Status

Information on the status of communications with the quote server

Request Count

Displays two numbers: total number of quotes requested and in parenthesis the number of prices actually updated so far

Current Request

The list of symbols currently being requested

Retrieve Rate

The rate at which quotes have been retrieved in quotes per second

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