Bulk Reconciliation Wizard


Bulk Reconciliation reconciles all accounts at once, giving you a listing of the status of each account.  To use the bulk reconciliation wizard, choose the menu command Edit / Bulk Reconcile....  This feature is only available in the Advisor version of Fund Manager.


See the Video Tutorial on Reconciling in Fund Manager.


Reconcile All Accounts in Sub-Portfolio and Statement Source:

The first step in bulk reconciliation is to choose which sub-portfolio you want to reconcile, and the source of your statements.  All sub-portfolios in the selected sub-portfolio with a recorded account number will be reconciled.  Sub-portfolios with an empty account number are ignored.  Enter the type of file you have for your statements, the folder where they are stored, and a statement date to reconcile.


Account Status:

The second step in bulk reconciliation lists each sub-portfolio with a recorded account number, and its status.  Each account can have one of the following status values:



All investments have the correct share balances

Not Balanced

One or more investment has an incorrect share balance

No Statement

No statement file could be found for this account for the specified date in the specified folder


To view details of any account, select it, and choose the Reconcile... button.  This will bring up the regular single account reconciliation wizard for this account so you can view which investments are out of balance, and make any necessary corrections.  The options to List Balanced/No Statement Accounts allow you to filter which accounts are displayed, based on their status.


Selecting Finish on this wizard will update the reconciliation date on all accounts with a status of Balanced.

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