Portable/Cloud Mode


Fund Manager is capable of running in a "Portable/Cloud Mode", so that you can keep your data and preferences on a cloud drive, shared network drive, portable drive, or memory stick (sometimes called a "Jumpdrive").  When using this mode all your data and preferences are stored in the same folder as the program itself.  You can then run Fund Manager from this folder from any computer, and have your same data and preferences available no matter which computer is used to access the program.  Follow these steps to set up Fund Manager to run in portable/cloud mode:

  1. Install Fund Manager into a folder on the desired cloud or portable drive
  2. Start the program from this folder and turn on "Options / General Preferences... / Data / Portable/Cloud Mode"
  3. Store your data within this same folder on the cloud or portable drive

For example, if your cloud drive is mapped as the E: drive, install Fund Manager to "E:\Fund Manager".  During the installation process you can choose the folder location where you want to install Fund Manager.


Next, start up Fund Manager and turn on the "Portable/Cloud Mode" option under "Options / General Preferences... / Data".


Lastly, make sure you are saving your data into this same drive and folder.  If you already have existing data on a local computer, open up your portfolio, and select File / File Operations / Set Data Location....  For the above example you would set the new location to "E:\Fund Manager\Data".  This will cause your portfolio file (*.mm4) and investment files (*.dat) to all be located in this folder.

If you installed Fund Manager in portable mode to a memory stick, you can now take your memory stick to any computer, plug it in, browse to the "Fund Manager" folder, and double click on the "fm.exe" file to start Fund Manager.  Likewise, with a cloud or network drive.  From any computer that can access your cloud or network drive, simply start Fund Manager from this drive.


When plugging your memory stick into a different computer, it does not matter what drive letter is assigned to your memory stick.  When running in portable/cloud mode, the last opened portfolio, and your recent portfolios are stored as relative paths to the fm.exe program.  This allows Fund Manager to work seamlessly when the memory stick happens to get mapped to different drive letters on different computers.


When you are running in portable/cloud mode, no changes are made to the local computer.  All of your preferences are stored in the "fmprefs.txt" file in the same folder as the Fund Manager program, instead of into the registry.  No "footprints" of Fund Manager will be left on this local computer.


Data Protection Feature:

In the Advisor version of Fund Manager enabling Portable/Cloud Mode also enables data protection.  This protection ensures only 1 person can be running this copy of Fund Manager at a time.  If you have multiple users needing access to Fund Manager this data protection makes sure only 1 person at a time uses Fund Manager and your data.  Fund Manager is not truly "networkable", and only 1 person can be accessing your data at a time.  With this feature you can know that once you start Fund Manager nobody else will also be trying to access the same data at the same time, preventing possible data loss that could happen otherwise without this data protection.  Once you exit Fund Manager someone else can then start it from any other computer.


With the combination of installing Fund Manager on a shared network drive with Portable/Cloud Mode and data protection you can safely and easily share Fund Manager and the data among multiple users from multiple computers (just not at the same time).

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