Download Instructions for Interactive Brokers


Interactive Brokers makes available "PortfolioCenter" formatted files for download in their advisor accounts.  (Non-advisor accounts can download/import an OFX formatted file for individual accounts.)  These files contain data for all your client's accounts and can be imported into Fund Manager Advisor, or used to reconcile your accounts.  You must have an advisor account with Interactive Brokers, and then ask them to make the PortfolioCenter file format available for download in your account.  Once your account has been enabled for this feature, log into Interactive Broker's website and go into the Report Management / Activity Downloads section to download your PortfolioCenter formatted files.  The following files are utilized by Fund Manager Advisor:


Security (.SEC)
Price (.PRI)
Transaction (.TRN)
Reconciliation (.POS)

Position (*.INI)


Each file has a base name of ADyymmdd, where yy is the year, mm is the month, and dd is the date.


The *.INI position file has the same format as the *.TRN file, and can be imported using the menu command File / Import / Transactions / Interactive Brokers....  You would only ever import this file at most one time to get started with some initial positions as of a certain date.  If you have all *.TRN transaction files back to account inception it is not necessary to import the *.INI position file.  If you do import the *.INI position file, you would start import transaction files from the following day forward.

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