Importing Positions from Interactive Brokers (Generic)


This dialog is available from the File / Import / Positions / Interactive Brokers (Generic)... menu command.


Position data can be imported from <Account #>_Position_<Date>.csv files, available for download from Interactive Brokers.  During the position import Fund Manager will look for corresponding Security files with the same base filename as the Position file.  The Security file can contain additional information such as bond issue/maturity dates.  If found, this additional information will also be imported.


Video Tutorial:  See the Tutorial on Importing Position/Transaction Files.


Position File to Import

Select which Position file to import.

Accounts to Import

Choose whether to import all accounts in the selected file, or only a particular account.  Use the "Scan" button to fill in the list of available accounts in the importing file.

Import Options

Choose options for creating the new investments.

Choose whether to import all positions into a new sub-portfolio:

When this option is on, type the name of the new sub-portfolio where all the positions will be placed.  No existing sub-portfolios will be modified in this case.  When importing positions for reconciliation purposes, you should import into a new sub-portfolio.

When this option is off, Fund Manager will look through your existing sub-portfolios to try and find a match based on account number.  If no matching account number is found, the new sub-portfolio will be created at the top level of the portfolio hierarchy.  If a matching sub-portfolio is found, the positions will be updated in there.  When the sub-portfolio is already existing, Fund Manager will look for matching investments in that sub-portfolio based on symbol.  If an existing investment match could not be found, a new investment will be created.


Press the "Next" button after filling in all of the above fields.  The importing file will be read in, and you will be taken to the Preview Importing Positions page to see what transactions will be imported.

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