Transaction Retrieve Settings Dialog


This dialog is available by selecting the "Transaction Retrieve Settings..." button from within the Portfolio Properties Dialog.


This dialog is used to set options for retrieving transactions from your broker or mutual fund company.  Each sub-portfolio has its own transaction retrieve settings:


Retrieve Transactions

Select this option if you want to retrieve transactions for this sub-portfolio.


Choose the broker or mutual fund company to retrieve transactions from.  Fund Manager can only retrieve transactions directly from the listed brokers/fund companies.  If your broker or mutual fund company is not listed, please check with them to find out if/when they plan to offer access to your account data through an "Open Financial Exchange" server.

User ID / Password

You will need to have an online account set up with your broker/fund company. Some broker/fund companies have a separate account for this service. It may be called Direct Download or Web Connect.  It is the same feature used by Quicken to download transactions.  Once you get signed up with your broker/fund company you should receive a User ID/password.  Enter that information here.

All of your transaction retrieve settings are stored in your portfolio file (*.mm4) when you save the portfolio.  The username, password, and account number are stored encrypted.  If you would prefer not to store your password in the portfolio file, leave it blank here.  In this case, each time you do a retrieve you will be prompted for the password.  See the Transaction Retrieve Password Dialog for additional information.

Account Number

Enter the account number to retrieve.  This will be the same account number as in the Portfolio Properties Dialog.


Import "Investment Banking Transactions" into Default Cash Account:

Specify if "Banking Transactions" should be imported for this sub-portfolio.  If enabled, Banking Transactions are imported into your default cash account.  These are transactions such as interest on your cash balance, checks you wrote, or other deposits and withdrawals from your cash account.  This option is normally left on.

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