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A Fund Manager portfolio is a collection of investments, sub-portfolios, and all of your preferences, such as window positions, colors, fonts, displayed reports, etc...  A portfolio is saved to a file with the extension of *.mm4.  A portfolio can be thought of as your complete workspace.


A portfolio can have an unlimited number of sub-portfolios.  Sub-portfolios can be hierarchical, with no limit to the depth of the hierarchy.


Sub-portfolios include investments.  When you open a portfolio, the included investment files are opened as well.


Advanced:  Portfolios store their included investments with a  "relative" path and filename.  The stored path and filename are relative to the location of the portfolio's *.mm4 file.  This makes it convenient to move the location of your investment and portfolio files, without having to update your portfolio.  For example, if a portfolio at C:\Data\MyPort.mm4 contains an investment C:\Data\BrokerA\IBM.dat the location of this investment would be stored in the portfolio file as .\BrokerA\IBM.dat.  This way, if you need to move all your data to a different folder, as long as you keep all the files in the same relative location, everything will be transferred seamlessly.  See Common Portfolio Problems for more discussion on this.

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