Import Categories


These dialogs are available from the menu commands:
File / Import / Other / Asset Type...
File / Import / Other / Investment Goal...
File / Import / Other / Sector...


Use these import commands to update the asset type, investment goal, or sector allocations for investments in the specified portfolio.  The import file is a tab (*.TXT) or comma (*.CSV) delimited file that has the symbol as the first field, and then up to 100 integer values.  Each value is a percentage to allocate to that asset type, investment goal, or sector category for all investments with this symbol.  All the integer values must add up to 100 for each symbol.  For example:




It is not required to specify all 100 values.  Any additional values past 100 will be ignored.  The asset type, investment goal, and sector categories are assigned in the same order as displayed in the Investment Properties / Asset Type, Investment Goal and Sector dialogs.  To define your category labels use the Category Labels Dialog.


Usage Tip:  To create an initial import file, first use the "export" command.  See the menu commands:
File / Export / Other / Asset Type...
File / Export / Other / Investment Goal...

File / Export / Other / Sector...
You can then modify this exported file, and import it to quickly update all investments with the desired asset, goal, or sector allocations.


You can also "retrieve" asset type and sector information from the internet.  See Asset Type Retrieval and Sector Retrieval.

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