Custom Settings Dialog


This dialog is available from the Edit / Custom Settings.... menu command within any report window displaying a custom report.  This dialog is also available by pressing the "Custom Settings..." button from within the Report Settings Dialog when the "Custom" report type is selected.


This dialog box allows you to specify which fields will be displayed on the custom report.  The fields that are available to add are shown on the left in the "Available Fields" section.  You can filter which type of available fields are shown by selecting a group type, such as "All Fields", or "Price Fields", etc.  The list box on the right (called "Included in Report") displays all currently added fields that will be displayed in the report. To add a new field to the report, select which field you wish to add from the "Available Fields" list box, and then choose the "Add" button. The field will be moved from the "Available Fields" list to the "Included in Report" list. To remove a field from the report, select it from the "Included in Report" list, and choose the "Remove" button. To read a definition of each field see the documentation in the custom report.


To define your own fields, press the "Define Fields..." button.


Once you have chosen which fields will be included in the report, order the fields in the "Included in Report" list using either drag/drop with your mouse or the "Move Up" and "Move Down" buttons.  The field at the top of the list box will be displayed in the left most column of the report.  The fields will appear on the report in the same order as displayed in the "Included in Report" list.

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