Allocation Target Properties Dialog


This dialog is available from the Allocation Target List Dialog.


Assign a name to be used for this allocation target.  Each allocation target is one of the following types:


Asset Type

Investment Goal


Investment Type


Model Portfolio (Advisor only)


Once you select the type of allocation target, enter in the percentages for each field.  The total of all percentages must add up to 100.


For the Model Portfolio type, select the desired model sub-portfolio.  The option When a portfolio has a model portfolio assigned use that instead is available for the Model Portfolio type.  When on, this option will override the selected model sub-portfolio with the model sub-portfolio specified in the Portfolio Properties Dialog for a sub-portfolio.  If a sub-portfolio doesn't have a selected model portfolio, then the one chosen here will be used instead.  If this option is left off, the selected model sub-portfolio in this dialog will always be used.

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