Importing Transactions from TIAA-CREF


This dialog is available from the File / Import / Transactions / TIAA-CREF... menu command.


Transaction data can be imported from ADyymmdd.TRN files, available for download from TIAA-CREF.  During the transaction import Fund Manager will look for corresponding *.SEC and *.PRI files with the same base filename for each *.TRN file.  These additional files contain closing pricing and additional security information, such as the security names and types.  If they are found, this additional information will also be imported.


Video Tutorial:  See the Tutorial on Importing Position/Transaction Files.


Getting Started Tip:

When first getting started, you may want to import positions as of a certain date, and then import transactions from that date forward.  If you have all the transaction data available back to inception, you can skip importing positions, and just import all the transaction data.


TRN File(s) to Import

Select which file(s) to import.  You can either import a single file, or all the files in a single folder.

Accounts to Import from TRN File(s)

Choose whether to import all accounts in the selected files, or only a particular account.  Use the "Scan TRN" button to fill in the list of available accounts in the importing file(s).

Date Range to Import

Choose the date range to import transactions.

Import into Fund Manager Portfolio

Specifies the portfolio where transactions will be imported into.  Select a specific portfolio, or have Fund Manager match the account numbers from the importing file with the assigned portfolio account number.  When this "matching" option is selected you can choose the "Create New Sub-Portfolios as Needed" option to have new portfolios created when a matching portfolio account number cannot be found.

Import Options

Specify whether to skip transactions that are already recorded.  Also specify if new investments should be created when a matching investment could not be found.  Fund Manager matches investments based on the symbol investment property, and the symbol in the importing file.


Press the "Next" button after filling in all of the above fields.  The importing file(s) will be read in, and you will be taken to the Preview Importing Transactions page to see what transactions will be imported.



When you have a new account, or investments in an account, Fund Manager can/will create these for you automatically when it finds them in your .TRN file(s).


Fund Manager matches up the account number in the .TRN file(s) with the account numbers of a sub-portfolio. When it finds a match, it then matches up a transaction based on the symbol in the .TRN file and the recorded symbol of investments in the sub-portfolio which matched up the account number.


If no sub-portfolio with a matching account number could be found, Fund Manager will create a new sub-portfolio. On the import dialog you specify under what existing sub-portfolio this new sub-portfolio should be created. See the options: "Import Into Fund Manager Portfolio: With Matching Account Number As TRN Account" and "Create New Sub-Portfolios as Needed Under:".


If no investment with a matching symbol is found in the previously matched sub-portfolio, then Fund Manager will create a new investment file. Make sure the "Create New Investments As Needed" option is turned on when you do the import. Also, check the "Options..." button next to it to assign a folder for the newly created investments.


Once a matching investment is found, the transaction in the .TRN file will be imported into that investment.


Trade vs. Settlement Date:

Many transactions in the .TRN file contain both a "trade" date and a "settlement" date.  By default Fund Manager records the transactions for the "trade" date.  If you would prefer to record the transactions on the "settlement" date, set the following registry value to "1":


HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Beiley Software\Fund Manager\CurrentVersion\Centerpiece\use_settle


You can use the program "regedit" to create this new string value of "use_settle" and set it to "1" (without the double quotes).

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