Importing Prices from Quicken


This dialog is available from the File / Import / Prices / Quicken (.PRN)... menu command.


This command is for importing price information from Quicken.  You can also import transaction history from Quicken.


Fund Manager can import prices from a file in the 1-2-3 *.prn format printed from Quicken. You need to provide Fund Manager with the complete path and filename where the file has been saved. When using Quicken version 5 or later, volume, high, and low data will also be imported, in addition to the closing price.


Here are instructions for creating the 1-2-3 *.prn file from Quicken:

  1. Start Quicken, select the menu command "Portfolio View" from the "Features/Investing" menu. (In earlier versions of Quicken choose the menu command "Update Prices" from the "Activities" menu or "Portfolio View" from the "Activities" menu.)
  2. Choose the investment that you would like to print the prices for, and then select the "Update Prices" menu. Choose the command "Edit Price History".
  3. Select the "Print" button.
  4. Choose the "123 (.PRN) Disk File" radio button, and then the "Print" button. You will be prompted for a path and filename to store the *.PRN file. An example may be: c:\finance\prices.prn.

Notes on Split Adjusted Prices:  The Quicken *.PRN price import expects actual closing prices, not split adjusted prices.  This is how Quicken exports them, but if you are making your own *.PRN file, the prices should be actual closing prices.


Comments:  This method of updating prices is somewhat obsolete.  It is much faster/easier to retrieve prices from the internet.

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