Assign Sub-Portfolio Link Target Dialog


This dialog is available when selecting "Link To..." from the Portfolio Properties Dialog.  Use this dialog to assign one sub-portfolio to be "linked" to another sub-portfolio.


See our Using Sub-Portfolios Video Tutorial.


Link sub-portfolios can be useful to organize your same sub-portfolios into separate hierarchies.  Using link sub-portfolios allows you to have an exact mirror image of a different sub-portfolio, located elsewhere in the sub-portfolio hierarchy, without duplicating any data.  For example, consider the following:



Accounts are shown organized by client, as well as by strategy.  Link sub-portfolios are shown with a purple icon in the Portfolio Editor.  There is only one copy of the actual account data, and that is stored in the non-link sub-portfolio.  Link sub-portfolios can be graphed or reported on, just like regular sub-portfolios.  Link sub-portfolio contents are always exactly the same as their target sub-portfolio.


Link targets cannot be assigned that would create a circular reference.

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