New Investment Dialog


This dialog is available from the File / New Investment... menu command or by selecting the button from the toolbar.


Use this dialog to manually create a new investment.  Fill in all the desired values for this investment, and then choose "OK". You will be given the chance to assign a location and filename for this investment. Fund Manager investment files have the extension of .dat.


Depending on the selected "Investment Type", different options will be available for the "Opening Data", such as a "Commission" for stocks, and a "% Load" for a loaded mutual fund.  The specified "Investment Type" also controls your "Transaction Entry Preference" for future transactions.  You can adjust this preference under the Investment Properties - Other Dialog.  For cash investment types the option to retrieve prices is turned off, as cash investments usually maintain a constant $1 share price.  You can adjust this option under the Investment Properties - Internet Retrieve Dialog.


The "Price" field is required to be filled in with a non-zero price.  If you don't know the price, just enter any number, and retrieve prices afterwards to update it.  You can leave "Shares" blank, or set it to 0 to import, retrieve, or record your transactions later.


Bond or Treasury Bill type investments will also prompt for interest related information and accrued interest.  For accrued interest, enter the amount of accrued interest you paid for the shares specified.  Enter this as a positive value.  See Recording Bond Transactions.

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