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Time-saving ideas for editing investment properties

Comments, critical feedback, praise, or suggestions for new features.

Postby DukeWeston » Thu Nov 30, 2023 3:32 pm

[Based on FM 2022 Personal, but I think still valid for FM 2024 having studied the Revision List].

Making changes to properties of multiple investments takes a lot of clicks and time (e.g. tweaking a 30-year bond ladder). FM could make it easier. Here are a few suggestions. The first three all relate to opening the desired tab of the Properties dialog with the least effort.

1 The Investment Properties dialog could open showing the last-used used tab. Currently it always opens at the General tab, which is the tab I am least likely to modify.

If this is not considered a suitable default for all users, then add a global setting to allow users to enable it.

2. Somewhat-related to the above... Let's say I want to change some editable property that is being shown in a column of the Portfolio Editor. E.g. Tax Free, or Retrieve Price. It would be neat if I could right-click on that column, choose Properties, and the Properties dialog would launch already in the correct tab to change that field.

3. Make the Properties dialog non-modal. Assume I want to edit the same field/checkbox in multiple investments. In the first investment I make the change. I would like to hit Apply, and then dbl-click or hit enter on another investment to repopulate the Properties, ideally with it staying on the same tab. I could quickly repeat this for all the investments I want to change. Unfortunately, with the Properties dialog being Modal, I have to close it before I can re-open in with a new investment, and then navigate back to the tab of interest.

4. FM already has a checkbox to apply to all investments with a matching symbol, but an extension of this mechanism would cover more use cases. For example allowing options such as
    Apply to all investments in this sub-portfolio.
    Apply to all investments with matching symbol.
    Apply to all investments with matching asset type.
    Apply to all investments with matching investment goal.

5. If bulk editing is limited to one at a time, I'd like to be able to keep track of my progress in the Portfolio Editor by flagging my investments in some way. Something as simple as right-click->Flag / Unflag.

The "flagged" investments would be shown in a different color, or bolded, or italic, or with a different icon.

(Why does each investment row have that FM icon anyway? It would look less cluttered without that in my humble opinion.)

I hope some of these make sense and find favor!
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Postby Mark » Fri Dec 01, 2023 10:00 am

Hi DukeWeston,

Thank you for the nicely documented feedback. I can understand the benefits here.

To answer your question about the FM icon... There are other icons that can be shown in the List view, such as portfolios, hidden investments, linked portfolios, etc., so the idea with the icon is it helps quickly see the difference between these items. There is a listing and legend for all the items you could see in the Portfolio Editor list view here.
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