Mobile and Web Access


Your Fund Manager data can optionally be viewed on an Android based device, or through any web browser.  The Mobile/Web Access feature enables a view only look at your Fund Manager data through these other interfaces.  A video tutorial is available for help using this feature.


To enable mobile/web access you use Fund Manager to create an account and upload your data.  All the menu commands related to this feature are available under Options / Mobile/Web Access.


Step 1:  Use Options / Mobile/Web Access / Account Settings... to specify a username/password, and select a top level sub-portfolio.  This username/password will be used from the mobile app or web browser to log in and view your data.  The selected sub-portfolio will be what is uploaded and available for viewing.  To have all your data available to view, select your top-most sub-portfolio.


Step 2:  Check the options under Options / Mobile/Web Access / Preferences....  These options allow you to control the format of your displayed data and also control automatic uploads.  You can choose to have your data automatically uploaded upon program exit or at certain time intervals.


Step 3:  Upload your data by selecting Options / Mobile/Web Access / Upload Holdings.


You can now view your data online using the "Fund Manager" Android app from the Play Store or with a web browser by going here:


Advisor Version:

When using the Advisor version a mobile/web account can be created for each client.  See Edit / Client List... and edit the properties of each client.  When you manually upload data using Options / Mobile/Web Access / Upload Holdings... you will be prompted for which accounts to upload.  You can choose to either upload all accounts, or only a specific account.  When you enable automatic uploads (Options / Mobile/Web Access / Preferences...) you can choose which accounts will be uploaded as part of the automatic upload.  The Client Statement Service is also available when using the Advisor version.


Privacy/Security Notes:

When you upload data only the following data are uploaded:

Sub-portfolio names

Investment names and/or symbols



Number of shares owned

Change and % change from prior day

No account numbers or transaction retrieve usernames/passwords are ever uploaded.  The data that is uploaded is done so over a secure (HTTPS) connection.  Data viewed with the Android app is downloaded via a secure connection also.  Data viewed with a web browser is also viewed via a secured HTTPS connection.

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