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Graphs: close price line alternative for better accuracy

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Postby Djobydjoba » Fri Feb 02, 2024 5:46 am

Hi Mark,

A problem with the standard close price line displayed in graphs is that, when a price movement is up or down for several consecutive days you don't see clearly the separation between each day inside the movement, and what is the close price at the end of each day.


20240202-ven.13h19-01.png (17.04 KiB) Viewed 139 times

How many days have lasted the movements in the screenshot above, what was the close price at the end of each day inside those movements? You don't have a clue at a glance, you have to move the mouse cursor along a movement to get an idea of its decomposition into days and its progress each day, and this process is very tedious and quite inaccurate. For price analysis this is however very important information.

So there is an alternate way of displaying close prices, stepped line. It can be seen eg. in the TradingView plateform.

That would be great to add this way to display the prices, as an option, it would improve the accuracy of price analysis a lot.


PS: for the pleasure, another screenshot:
IMO this is quite definitely a better way to display close prices. Thanks for considering!
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Postby Mark » Fri Feb 02, 2024 3:29 pm

Hi Djobydjoba,

Thanks for the idea/feedback. I understand, and can see why you'd want that. Making it a display option sounds good.
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