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Quickly reach a price date in the Data Register

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Postby Djobydjoba » Sat Jan 06, 2024 10:54 am

Often I want to reach a specific date (price) in the Prices section of the Data Register, often from a graph. Eg. to fix some incorrect prices offered by a quote server (so to fix a spike on the graph), or to analyze or even delete a range of prices.

Could be nice to be able to reach immediately by any means a desired price (i.e. date) instead of having to scroll vertically in the long list of prices to find it, which is a bit tedious.

It seems you can't really use the keyboard in the Data Register to reach a date. The date format I use is D/M/YY. With a date format like YY-M-D it is a bit handier as you can at least reach quickly the year with the keyboard, so a first step to the desired date, but with D/M/YY it seems you can only access the "D" part of the date, so not useful.
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Postby Mark » Mon Jan 08, 2024 10:34 am

Hi Djobydjoba,

It seems you can scroll in a list view like this by making sure the keyboard focus is in the list view and then typing what you want from the first column, which is the date. So, if you want to go to 26/8/21 for example, type that, including the forward slashes. It works based on whatever text is there, so it depends on your selected date format. Given you're using D/M/YY, you would have to type a day, a slash, a month, another slash, and then the 2 digit year to get to a desired date. Given your format of D/M/YY you would have to know a valid day/month, you can't just jump to a year, unless you were to change your format.
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Postby Djobydjoba » Mon Jan 08, 2024 1:01 pm

It works! I'm a bit ashamed to have missed that... Thanks!
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