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Generic import REINV_F

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Postby elliots » Sun Jan 09, 2022 3:09 pm

Hi Mark,
Vanguard just started charging account fees on a company retirement plan and I've had to update my generic import routine. Since they're liquidating shares to pay the fee I've used the REINV_F transaction code. The transaction import preview screen shows as reinvested fee but doesn't make the Value and Shares amounts negative -- I've had to edit them. Shouldn't that be automatic for this tran code?

Separate issue. When buying an investment that was previously sold to 0 a new investment file needs to be created. Couldn't we just pick up the old one and add transactions to it?

Happy New Year

Elliot Lipson
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Postby Mark » Sun Jan 09, 2022 4:50 pm

Hi Elliot,

For the import, the shares (BNUM) value would need to be negative. Just because it is coded as a REINV_F doesn't automatically force it negative.

Yes, you can add transactions to the existing investment previously sold.
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