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Questions about updating prices or transactions in Fund Manager

Postby 4Profits » Sat Dec 23, 2023 7:07 am

I have a question if you changed something

I have some portfolios set up like this

Retirement - Portfolio name
- Stocks - Sub portfolio
- ETF's - Sub portfolio

the account and login is only listed in the main portfolio not in the sub portfolio's
in times past when I downloaded transactions any stocks that existed in the stock portfolio would be logged in the stock sub portfolio if the symbol was there even if the shares were zero - New stock
Any ETF transactions would be logged in the ETF Sub Portfolio if the symbol was there even if the shares were zero - New ETF.
If the symbol was not in either sub portfolio it would be logged in the main portfolio and I could then move it.
Now it seems that all my transactions go under the main portfolio as a new investment even if the the stock symbol is under one of the sub portfolio's. when you have reinvestment occurring, this adds a lot of maintenance to keep up with. Is this a new change or feature?

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Postby Mark » Sat Dec 23, 2023 3:33 pm

Hi Jim,

It should work like you described it used to work. Nothing has changed here. If you have incoming transactions that match with an existing investment in any sub-portfolio, they should go in there, and not create a new investment. You might double check that the CUSIP is matching in the existing investment with the incoming transaction. CUSIP is what is used for transaction retrieve.
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