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Questions on using, creating, or understanding data in Fund Manager graphs.

Postby Matt » Fri Jun 21, 2024 2:59 am

Hi Mark, clicking on GRAPH in the context menu of the Portfolio Editor (sadly not on a selected Investment in a Report) conveniently produces the last selected Graph type. But I could not find a key shortcut for this simple and often repeated function. Did I miss something? Is such a Shortcut something which could be considered? Plenty of Function keys available, some are used for less important functions. Best Matt
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Postby Mark » Fri Jun 21, 2024 8:00 am

Hi Matt,

You're right, that command doesn't have a keyboard shortcut assigned. Thanks for the feedback, we can consider adding this.
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Postby Matt » Sat Jun 22, 2024 10:28 am

Thanks Mark. That addition would be an excellent improvement. As would be being able to sort report columns with a click directly on the captions within the report (as in the editor) rather than having to go up to Sort in the menu bar....Best Matt
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