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Custom report - price per share and gain per share

Questions on using, creating, or understanding data in Fund Manager reports.

Postby ThomasK » Mon Dec 20, 2021 12:27 pm

Hi Mark,

This is a new portfolio where I accumulated a few shares during the year.

Q1. I do not understand "Gain/s (end)" which is titled "Gain per share (inception)" values...-4.02 doesn't make sense in the image below. Can you please explain?
FM - Issue with per share gains-losses.png
FM - Issue with per share gains-losses.png (10.06 KiB) Viewed 793 times

Q2. What Field Name/Column Label specifically should I use to see what I paid for as an average $ per share for current shares still held. I'm not seeing it.

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Postby Mark » Mon Dec 20, 2021 1:23 pm

Hi Thomas,

1) The definition of Gain/s (end) from the online help:

The per share value gained from price inception (NAV incptn) through the report ending date. (Gain/s (end) = End NAV + Total dist /s (end) - Beg NAV)

So, if you look at the fields:

Share price plus dist. (ending)
Share price (beginning)

and set the date range of the report to the date of the first price point (Price inception date), the difference between these will be the Gain/s (end).

2) OOP basis per share (current)
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