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"Other error reading portfolio"?

General questions about using Fund Manager that do not fit into any other forum.

Postby iwik » Fri Mar 01, 2019 2:46 pm

I've just had the above error reported when I try and open my portfolio file. If I OK this, I get "Could not open portfolio from command line".

Suspecting some corruption, I've tried the FM Restore option, but then discovered the last portfolio backup file there was some 2 years old? Weird, as it always told me it was backing up as I exited. I suspect this dates back to when I did a machine upgrade, so I suspect its simply been backing up to another location, but haven't found it yet? Where does this default to? The older backups are in a Backup directory in the same locations as the portfolio and individual investment .dat files. (the latest Feb 2017 backup did restore fine, but pretty out of date).

So another tack. I run Acronis, and this backs up the FM data locations. I've gone back a couple of backups (from when I'm pretty certain all was OK), restored the portfolio file, plus all the associated .dat files, but the initial error remains. Potentially I haven't gone back far enough, or there is something else I am missing in what I need to retrieve this way.

So a couple of questions!

- What is the default backup location in FM. The FM files are all located on a network drive, and this change dates to the same time as the machine upgrade. Would this have affected anything?

-= If I need to go right back to a file level backup, what do I need to recover in addition to the portfolio and .dat files?

Thanks for any help

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Postby Mark » Fri Mar 01, 2019 3:04 pm

Hi Andrew,

You have control over the automatic backup location. The default is in "My Documents \ Fund Manager \ autoback". You can see where it is set currently under "Options / General Preferences... / Data". You can also search your computer for *.FMB.

What version of Fund Manager are you using?

Yes, if you restore the *.mm4 portfolio file, and all the *.dat files, that would be all you need to recover your data. There are also preferences stored in the registry, which you can also restore from a *.FMB backup file.
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Postby iwik » Fri Mar 01, 2019 3:06 pm

For posterity!

After a lot of scanning, I've found where FM was putting the backups - under User/.../Documents/FundManager/AutoBack. I've picked up a backup from 20th Feb (this year!), which has restored 100%. This now gives me a date of when the last FM exit was done, so also means that I wasn't going far enough back with the Acronis restore. I'll try that again with an earlier backup - I'm curious, as I would expect this to work.

I'll also go back into FM, and figure out how I reset the backup location - a bit too close for comfort, as I deliberately keep all my data away from the Microsoft /User/../ locations, so Acronis is not set up to capture these.


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Postby iwik » Fri Mar 01, 2019 3:08 pm

As always, I see Mark doesn't sleep! You must have been responding while I was typing my reply. As always thanks for the (ridiculously) prompt reply!

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