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Postby Mark » Wed May 24, 2023 9:04 am

The quote module has been updated. Version 581 is available by selecting "Help / Fund Manager on the Web / Check for Updates..." from within Fund Manager 2022 or 2020. This fixes Yahoo for all countries, except GDPR countries.

Yahoo is not currently working when accessing from within a GDPR country, i.e. Europe. We are still investigating, but a solution may take a significant amount of time. Some workarounds for now include:

1) Use a different quote server. See the list of quote servers. Both Yahoo (Historical) and Yahoo (Alternate) continue to work. Yahoo (Historical) only offers end of day prices, but Yahoo (Alternate) offers intraday pricing, although it is quite slow.

2) Use Fund Manager with a VPN and from a connection outside a GDPR country, like the United States for example. Accessing Yahoo from a VPN like this will enable you to then retrieve prices, even once you're not using the VPN, as you've obtained the necessary cookies.
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